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Fun with sociometry, part 1.5

[See Fun with Sociometry, part 1, for background]

I’m thinking something based on super-secure public-key encryption where NO ONE sees the big picture — there is no human admin, just a program. The program would only show individuals the information relevant to them, and would portray it in a positive, actionable way (i wouldn’t want to see myself in the middle of a thriving network with zero connections coming my way… that would be cruel). Also the program would be able to act as a “matchmaker” of sorts… for example, if i like Mary but don’t expect her to like me back, and vice-versa, then the system could suggest that we should maybe hang out together some time.

I feel like this is getting closer to something that could actually be built, and could conceivably be useful, or at least entertaining. The college audience feels promising… “Woah dude, my network is ON FIRE. My dyads are totally maxed out and i’m calling Mary, RIGHT NOW.”

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