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Why Quarkstone?

It started as an idea for a science fiction sitcom called Emissary Quarkstone in which Earth sends a bumbling ambassador to make first contact with various alien species. The basic premise was that the species he encounters are so radically different from us that Quarkstone can’t even figure out how they communicate, let alone what they are trying to say, leading to a comedy of errors.

For instance, the aliens would try to welcome Quarkstone by pulsating the quantum spin states of their appendages — a time-honored ritual used to honor guests from distant worlds. Quarkstone would be completely oblivious to that, and try instead to interpret their excretory functions as language. Or their breathing, or the way they moved, or some other completely irrelevant thing. But back then i thought poop jokes were pretty funny, so the crap-language blunder was definitely going to be my pilot episode.

Anyway, the TV show never really took off (I was 16 at the time and had few contacts in the broadcast business), but quarkstone survived as a high score name, a DBA when i was freelancing, and now as a blog handle.

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